Plan Your Kitchen Renovation

Whether you design the kitchen yourself, work with a cabinet distributor or a kitchen designer, preparing a plan is the first step.

When developing your kitchen remodeling plan, there are several thing you should keep in mind to create the kitchen of your dreams, i.e. the existing layout, finish materials you would like to use, your budget and hiring professionals to do the job.

Phase 1: Your Dream Kitchen

The first step towards getting the kitchen of your dreams is to decide what kind of kitchen you want. Most kitchens can be classified among five basic types, according to their functionality. The type you choose will determine the layout.

  • basic and functional: small to medium size, designed primarily for food preparation, cooking and cleanup; does not include areas for dining etc.
  • eat-in: has an informat eating area.
  • open-plan: visually connected to other rooms
  • family-oriented: large, full-featured kitchen connected to other rooms
  • creative/gourmet kitchen: supports cooking as a family hobby.

Phase 2: Work Centers and Spaces

Determine the functions of your kitchen to develop a design. In every kitchen, there are three most common work centers. Sections of the counter space should be organized according to the tasks that will be performed there.

  • food storage and preparation
  • cooking
  • cleanup

Phase 3: Remodeling Strategies

Set your strategies – choose from cabinet makeovers to moving walls. Consider the following:

  • cabinet makeover
  • rethinking layout
  • creating a budget

Phase 4: Selecting Materials

Decide what materials fit your style, needs and budget. In some cases buying only the best materials will pay off, but sometimes less expensive ones will get the job done without sacrificing the quality. The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting materials is durability.

Phase 5: Choosing Fixtures and Appliances

Looks do matter but don’t choose appliances on their style alone. Their efficiency and durability is what will make your investment pay off in the long run. The kitchen is the home’s most used room so your appliances should be made to last.

Phase 6: Get it Done!

Put all your ideas into a plan. At this point, you should have a good idea what kind of layout you want and what overall style you want to create. Decide where to purchase or order your cabinets and appliances. Contact professionals to get the job done.